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General Contracting

General Contracting

General Contracting

What is General Contracting?

General contracting is the term used to describe the supervisory work performed by a general contractor (GC). This person is responsible for managing and building a project designed by someone else. The GC oversees important renovation and building projects, and she or he manages and hires subcontractors and other labor in construction projects. The GC acts as the supervisor of the entire project and ensures that the subcontractors are doing their job and being paid for it correctly and in a timely manner. The general contractor is also the main person in contact with the owners.

Why Choose General Contracting?

A General Contractor gives you access to thousands of qualified companies in addition to project management and quality control. General Contractors specialize in project execution, project documentation, daily and weekly reporting and permitting. Along with insurance and available bonding, the General Contractor assumes the risk during construction. By selecting a General Contractor for your project, you will have peace of mind, a defined schedule, weekly and monthly updates, and years of expertise at your fingertips.

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