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Construction Manager At Risk

Construction Manager At Risk

What is CMAR?

CMAR stands for Construction Manager At Risk and is a preferred method of construction for projects that are schedule driven. With the CMAR delivery method, the owner first selects and retains the design firm. Selecting the design firm can be based on price, qualifications and any other criteria desired by the owner. With the CMAR approach, once the designer is selected, the project moves forward with the early stages of the design process with the intent of initiating a second contract with a construction manager when the design process is within a range of 30 to 60 percent of the development.

Why Choose CMAR?

CMAR allows the owner to introduce the Contractor to the project very early in the design phase. During design the CMAR contractor serves as an advisor and works closely with project designers. The relationships between the owner, architect/engineering team and the CMAR contractor are collaborative, trusting and non-adversarial. This relationship produces a more manageable, predictive project which saves time, money and change orders.

In conclusion, developing and maintaining a strong collaborative working relationship between the owner, the designer and the CMAR firm yields positive results including reduced change orders, higher quality of construction, improved communication, accelerated schedule and increased cost certainty throughout the life of the project.

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